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“Vet Care Express owner Cheryl Brady literally saved my dog's life. Out of the kindness of her heart; and on Thanksgiving Day, she provided medical services and emergency transportation in an oxygen-controlled environment for my 5-year-old Yorkie, which saved her life. My dog's trachea collapsed and she could not breathe on her own and needed surgery which could not be performed in Winter Haven, Florida.


Cheryl graciously agreed to help me out and drove from Sarasota to Winter Haven, picked up my dog and transported her to Tampa. Surgery was performed in time and she has now fully recovered and we owe it all to Cheryl Brady and her kindness. Without it, my dog would not be with us today! Cheryl and her team provide an important and worthwhile service, and we remain ever grateful to her for her great act of kindness.”


Sean O'Shaughnessy

I can't thank you enough for your tender, loving care of my dear cat, Max. As you remember, he has congestive heart disease and cardiomyopathy and was on oxygen around the clock at Sarasota Veterinary Emergency Hospital. He needed to be taken up to BluPearl in Tampa to see the cardiologist and have an echocardiogram. I couldn't take him because he needed to be on oxygen. You were recommended to me and we called you to arrange his transportation by your ambulance service.


From the moment you arrived to pick him up, I was filled with peace and confidence by your professionalism and very kind, concerned demeanor. It meant a lot to me because I was very worried and stressed and so was Max.


You put him into a special oxygenated carrier and carefully carried him out to your beautiful, big, red ambulance where you quickly and expertly switched the oxygen over from portable to your on-board oxygen system. It was a long trip up, but you had made sure he was comfortable, and we arrived safely.


It took a long time to get the echocardiogram and its results back, but you waited patiently and then transported him back to Sarasota Veterinary Emergency Hospital just as carefully and expertly as previously. You even called me a couple of days later to see how Max was doing.


You are the kindest, most caring, most professional person I have met in the veterinary field and I think I owe my boy Max's life to you.


With the greatest admiration, thanks and respect,"


Marilyn Griffith (Max's mom)


"Max thanks you, too. We will never forget you. You are performing a great service."

“Cheryl Brady and her service, Vet Care Express, can only be described in one word......Godsend! A complete blessing to us! Words cannot express our thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation to her. At our time of need, in getting our beloved greyhound Charming Hannah to the vet, we couldn't have asked for a more professional, caring and compassionate person......EVER!

Unfortunately, we had not heard of her service before, so we were very stressed as how we were going to get Hannah to the vet. I found her service listed on Racing Dog Rescue Project that morning. When I contacted Cheryl, she was SO compassionate, SO knowledgeable and SO ready to help us. She just knew how to handle everything, when I could not. Hannah had bone cancer and we were very concerned because we did not want to physically hurt her by taking her in our car. Plus, Hannah really didn't care for traveling at all. When Cheryl and Cynthia came to our home, they both were so kind, loving and gentle with our Hannah. I was able to ride with them to the vet's office and Hannah seemed to bond with both of them. Their compassion, sensitivity not only to her needs but ours, as well and their genuine love for animals is apparent. I truly believe that Hannah knew this and loved them both from the beginning.

We are definitely letting people know about this service and every pet owner should know about it. It is a service that is absolutely needed. And people like Cheryl Brady, so very loving and caring, are also needed.

Though our Hannah Girl is now at the Rainbow Bridge, we KNOW without a doubt, that she is sending down her gratitude to Cheryl and Cynthia. Mike and I will always be grateful to Cheryl and Vet Care Express for being there in our time of need. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”


Kriste & Mike Swift

“Thank you, Cheryl, for driving Spirit to Sarasota Veterinary Emergency Center last Friday from a hospital in Tampa. Spirit needed oxygen for the long trip and you were there to take care of everything. You not only cared for Spirit, but you also took care of us. I don't know what we would have done without you. We are truly grateful.”


Cheryl Hurley

“Hi Everyone, I don't usually ask people to do this but this time I have too...Cheryl is one of the most wonderful people you will meet in your life time. She & her staff are right there when you need them most. Very caring of you & your little sick or injured one. Their service is not a job, they live & breath every life saving moment with you with the kindness of Angels.


I needed their services a few weeks ago & they were beyond wonderful, compassionate, sensitive to my needs, as they transported & medically attended to my little one(congestive heart failure) all the way up to Tampa where Cardiologists were waiting in hope of my little one being alive on arrival. My little one made it there in time because of the medical capabilities of Cheryl & her staff. All the way up to Tampa as I followed in a car Cheryl & her staff kept me abreast of Brie's condition in the ambulance. As we neared the hospital for Brie, Cheryl had the cardiologist out in the parking lot ready & waiting to grab Brie & run her into ICU..


WOW I was amazed at how on top of everything Cheryl was! I was amazed at their capabilities! I was thrilled that Cheryl & her Ambulance Service was there when I & Brie needed it! It didn't stop there when Brie was rushed into the ICU. Cheryl & her staff stayed to get a first report on Brie & to make sure I was ok? They wanted to make sure there was not anything else they could do for me (comfort)? They called that night to see how Brie was doing.


Cheryl checked in again a week later to see how Brie & I were doing? She was very happy & excited to hear we were both doing great. I could keep going on but I guess the best way to describe Cheryl, her staff & her service is to say they provide a much needed medical support service with compassion, sensitivity & great medical expertise. I will always be grateful that they were there when Brie & I needed them.”



“I just want to thank you for bringing my sweet Precious home yesterday. Knowing she was loved on all the way home and having oxygen really put my mind at ease. Yesterday was hard enough but when Dr. Potter made the suggestion to have you bring her home, a ton of stress was lifted.”


Yavonne D.

“I'm sure I'm not your only # 1 fan, but I feel fortunate to be among the many who are. The gentleness and compassion you showed Bear will never be forgotten. You thought of everything, right down to the final detail, to make that sad and difficult day a little easier. I know I've said this before, but you are what makes Vet Care Express more than a service. You've truly found your niche in life.”


Betty J.

“It was a real pleasure meeting you the other day when you provided, through Fairy Tail Endings, transportation for me and Coco to Dr. Kirsch's office. You are such a kind and caring person and I enjoyed our time together. Your compassion for both me and Coco was so evident that you are not only a people-person but one who genuinely loves animals. I am deeply grateful for your kindness and thoughtfulness.”


Carole W.

“Just a note of thanks for the great First Aid/ CPR class this evening. While it was a very relaxed and fun class, I came away with very valuable knowledge. Great job and I will highly recommend this class to anyone that has a four-legged child at home. A world of thanks from myself and our crazy, fur-faced daughter, Nally!”


Steve M.

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